The Mondriaan Tower is a beacon in the Amsterdam skyline. Together with the Rembrandt Tower, Breitner Tower and the future Amstel Tower, they provide allure to the city. An exceptional appearance, great accessibility and the excellent delivery quality makes the Mondriaan Tower an extremely desirable office building. Suitable for a mix of tenants, from headquarters to smaller office occupiers, with an ambition to stand out from the crowd in Amsterdam. The Mondriaan Tower, simply... Outstanding!

The Tower

  • Located at the Amstelplein 6-8 in Amsterdam
  • Completed in 2002
  • Property of NL Mondriaan Property 8 B.V., a member of First Sponsor Group Limited
  • 30 office floors
  • 120 meters high
  • A total of approx. 25,000 sq. m. of office space
  • Parking garage on level -1 and -2 with a parking ratio 1:100 sq. m.
  • Energy label A
  • Within walking distance to the Amstel train station and a direct connection towards Amsterdam Central Station and Utrecht.


Entrance hall

Since 2016, the entrance area of the Mondriaan Tower has been completely renovated and enhanced. Designed with an underlying philosophy to emphasize a modern, welcoming and natural appearance that suits the exclusive character of the Tower. The entrance hall features a contemporary manned reception and a range of facilities including cosy seating for short meetings and a coffee purveyor at the reception.


Level of delivery

  • New manned reception desk
  • Raised floors for electricity and data cabling
  • Climate ceilings
  • Sprinkler installation
  • Lighting (motion and daylight sensors)
  • Energy label A
  • Solar control glazing

  • Spacious, secured garage connected by two panoramic elevators directly connected to the main entrance
  • Indoor bicycle shed
  • Outdoor bicycle shed
  • On site Facility Manager and Security
  • 6 x High-speed elevators
  • 1 x Freight elevator
  • Pantry facilities on each floor
  • 2 Toilet facilities per floor



Mondriaan Tower is located at the Amstel square, right next to the Amstel River. This area is developing into a vibrant area in Amsterdam. Moreover the Mondriaan Tower is situated in the direct vicinity of restaurants, cafés, fitness centres, theatres and shops.



Mondriaan Tower is just a stone's throw from Amsterdam Zuid and the city centre. You can take the train, metro, tram or bus from Amstel Station and you'll be in the heart of Amsterdam in just a few minutes. From the A10 ring-road, you can reach the Mondriaan Tower by car in just a few minutes and be greeted by excellent parking facilities at the lower levels. Schiphol airport is located just 20 minutes away.

Example floor

Mondriaan Tower is an office building with an exceptional appearance. Every available floor can be designed to your own specifications and working concept.

- NEN measurement certificate (pdf)
- Technical description (pdf)

This drawing serves only as an impression.


At the moment, various floors are available to rent. These unique floors with a stunning view of the city and further, cover a total surface area of ca. 14,491 sq.m.

Floor Floor space Available from
13th floor approx. 949 sq. m. October 1, 2017
14th floor approx. 951 sq. m. October 1, 2017
15th floor approx. 951 sq. m. October 1, 2017
16th floor approx. 951 sq. m. October 1, 2017
17th floor approx. 951 sq. m. on short notice
18th floor approx. 949 sq. m. on short notice
19th floor approx. 426 sq. m. on short notice
20th floor approx. 951 sq. m. on short notice
21th floor approx. 951 sq. m. on short notice
22th floor approx. 982 sq. m. on short notice
23th floor * approx. 670 sq. m. on short notice
24th floor ** approx. 873 sq. m. on short notice
25th floor approx. 769 sq. m. on short notice
26th floor approx. 769 sq. m. on short notice
27th floor approx. 706 sq. m. on short notice
28th floor approx. 687 sq. m. on short notice
29th floor approx. 248 sq. m. on short notice
30th floor approx. 232 sq. m. on short notice

Total: approx. 14,491 sq. m office space

* bar and meeting rooms
** company restaurant floor